A LETTER was published recently suggesting that WTO article 24 would enable us to preserve the existing benefits of our EU membership for up to 10 years in the event of a no deal/WTO terms Brexit.

I was amazed that this option hadn’t been widely publicised and decided to research WTO article 24 (must get out more).

WTO article 24 relates to setting up a new free trade agreement or customs union, with the 10 year period being the limit for interim arrangements before the new agreement is established by treaty.

A no deal/WTO terms Brexit means we are leaving our existing trading relationship with the EU, therefore WTO article 24 does not apply.

It would only be of use after we agreed a new trade deal with the EU 27.

WTO article 24 would not preserve full EU membership benefits or entitle us to those benefits without any EU budget contributions. It is designed to help bring in a new agreement, not freeze an existing one.

If anybody is interested, there’s more information about WTO article 24 at https://is.gd/E7cxoY.

Nathan Pardoe Labour candidate for Wharton