TUMBLEWEED rolls through Weaver Square, To-Let signs are hanging everywhere.

How to save this once proud town, Halt its march to closing down.

Millions spent on Barons Quay, Empty units for all to see.

Someone needs to make the call, Stop this spiral, for once and all.

Inject incentives into this town, Push, coerce, not bring it down.

Parties and groups need to persuade, New rentals and leases to be made.

The council has a different plan, To try and attract the working man.

“Shall we put all charges down?”

Increasing footfall in the town.

“No I’ve thought of something sweeter, Let’s introduce the Parking Meter, Start it cheap, no one will mind, Those that do,will just get fined.”

Oodles of money can be saved, Greeting people via a meter maid, Nodding heads, they all agree People just love to pay a fee.

Just because the working man, Is not privy to your plan, Doesn’t mean we’ll all agree, To pay your ....... parking fee!

Robert Doull Via email