In my 70 years as a pedestrian this is the first time that anyone has managed to get a wave of water right over my head –congratulations on driving through the large puddle at the Greenbank traffic lights at 30mph, on Saturday at 3.30pm.

Did you think about the potholes there and how you would be able to stop, in your efforts to create a wave?

Did you stop and decide who was going to go first?

I will point out to you that I had no time to go home and change but a friend collected me and took me to my meeting.

I then spent three hours in very wet clothes and shoes before I could go home and get changed and warmed through.

What would you think if that happened to your parents/grandparents?

Many thanks however to the driver who slowed right down as I walked past the puddle on my way to my meeting point.

A Hartford resident