IF I were to paraphrase and summarise Michael Palmer’s letter what he is saying is ‘I want to stay in the EU. I lost in the Referendum. I want a replay’.

Mrs May’s draft deal is totally devoid of any concept of democracy. That so called deal is identical to being in the EU with two added nasties thrown in, ie we don’t have a vote and we can’t leave.

Right now for her to have the effrontery to stand in front of people and state that the UK leaves the EU on March 29, 2019 is the height of hypocrisy – nothing changes to achieve that end.

The rest of the world watching on is standing there mouths agape, staggered at the apparent stupidity of the PM. She is making the UK a global laughing stock.

Michael apparently doesn’t understand how world trade works, or chooses to pretend that it is somehow different than it is.

If we chose to do so the UK could just walk away from EU membership now and trade would still go on pretty much as before while we left all the EU payments and other nonsense behind.

The terms ‘no deal’ and ‘hard Brexit’ are simply emotive terms deliberately engineered by remainers to imply scenarios which don’t exist.

It is just not possible to leave the EU without a trade deal. A deal is effectively imposed on the two sides by the World Trade Organisation.

This is referred to as WTO rules.

Leaving on this basis would enable the UK to negotiate desired changes from a more obvious position of strength (ie without Mrs May and other anti-democratic MPs trying to frustrate the will of the people).

Don Micklewright, Weaverham