IT was uplifting to read your article Mum speaks out after spending years isolated due to her stammer about Mandy Taylor on her work on behalf of the One Lifeline Appeal with the British Stammering Association.

I can identify with Mandy. She is from Northern Ireland and I am from the Republic of Ireland.

In my youth, there was no group equivalent to the British Stammering Association that reached out to stammerers and gave them support and guidance.

I am in awe of the work of the BSA. Here in the US there is the charity organisation called The Stuttering Foundation ( with a website designed to give out free resources to anyone in the world with a computer, in addition to a global outreach to over 145 nations annually.

I will be going onto YouTube this evening to view Mandy Taylor’s work with the British Stammering Association.

Great Britain should feel blessed to have such a great organisation that not only supports people who stammer but also works hard to foster a better understanding and acceptance of people with all disabilities.

Mary Burke, Massachusetts