I’M beginning to wonder what exactly is the point in having a social club at Lostock when it’s virtually impossible for some of those pedestrians with a nervous disposition to get to it.

Having gone through an experience in childhood where I was knocked down by a car, although I escaped at the time with nothing more than a bruise on my leg, I have a slight phobia of busy roads.

My friend has suggested crossing one half of the road, then standing in the middle waiting until there is a gap in the traffic in the other half.

This is helpful, but understandably it still makes me nervous standing in the middle of the road amongst all that heavy traffic.

I’m sure no one would disagree with me that the road you have to cross to get to Lostock Social Club is an extremely busy one.

Why can’t the taxpayers’ money be put to good use?

Why can’t we have pedestrian crossings placed wherever they are needed?

I dread to think of how many times someone must have missed their bus because they couldn’t get across the road in time to get to that bus stop in Lostock.

Philip Dalton, Northwich