IN reading the article on the proposed parking charges, I feel I needed to write with my objections.

Ninety-nine per cent of the people I ask about the proposed charges object to them.

I truly feel that the development of Northwich is great, although there is a considerable way to go yet ie fill all the shopping units.

People will not pay charges to come to Northwich as we don’t offer enough shops to warrant this.

When you’re on a time limit, you will not then take time to stop in the cafes and bars.

I pay to use Brio gym which is council run, so why if I go to the gym should I pay for parking on top?

All leisure centres I know of have car parks and you don’t pay extra for this.

If I wish to do a class, gym, swim then shower, I’m there for four hours and if I am made to pay extra on top of my membership I would be forced to use a gym with a free parking (which all the others have).

I feel the consultation process has been very poor, and a petition ignored, why?

Northwich has only just started to pick up and look busier, and I believe bringing charges will kill it dead.

The overwhelming consensus from people of Northwich is to scrap the plans for charging, so the council needs to reverse its decision.

Susan Conboy Northwich