THOSE of us who went along to the recent Cheshire West and Chester Council meeting were subjected to a disgusting and worrying experience.

The first part was taken up by the presentation of a rubber medal type award for being the greatest borough council on the planet followed by lots of hand clapping and jolly back slapping.

The mood changed when it came to members of the public, including Brian Cartwright of CHAIN, attempting to make meaningful presentations on various topics within the two minutes so generously allowed.

The chairman was ruthless if it was exceeded by even a second. Just ridiculous and disrespectful.

Even worse ensued when the meeting got to ‘debate’ the motion from Cllr Mark Stocks proposing an independent inquiry into potential impact on the community of the waste treatment industrial complex, (TATA, OWM, and DONG) that is being created in Lostock and Rudheath.

Instead of endorsing an intelligent proposal, which I believe has the support of people of all political persuasions in the community, we had the spectacle of a cynical attack by Cllr Karen Shore, a member of the ruling Labour Cabinet, that sought to turn the concerns of thousands of worried residents into a party political issue.

The mystery remains about why CWAC is so accommodating to TATA and its giant incinerator ambitions that will make a pariah of Northwich.

Perhaps, the leader of the council, Cllr Samantha Dixon, who will be seeking our votes in the not too distant future, could help by visiting the town and personally giving us some explanations. It is the least we can expect from the greatest borough council on the planet.

Liam Byrne Little Leigh