THE thrust of Peter Hirst’s letter was that people who voted Leave didn’t have all the information available to them at the time; if they had they’d have voted Remain.

Does this apply only to Leave voters Peter? Surely, using your logic it must also apply to Remain voters.

I played a leading role for the Leave campaign in the north west and in the many encounters I had with Remain supporters a great many admitted they were going to vote Remain, not because they liked being in the EU but because of Remain’s Project Fear claims. They readily admitted that if the referendum was about joining the EU they’d vote no.

An organisation that uses fear to garner votes is one we should distance the UK from pronto.

Peter may care to remember that the EU Referendum was sanctioned by an Act of Parliament that devolved the decision to Leave or Remain in the EU to the people.

The government’s £9m Remain propaganda leaflet, delivered to every household promised to implement the decision of the people, you know the ‘People’s Vote’ held on June 23, 2016. Predictably, they are doing anything but.

For over two years, many Remainers have done everything they can to undermine, dilute or cancel a vote they can’t accept, or understand why they lost. They’ve now decided that the best course of action is to claim Leave voters were ‘uninformed’, ‘stupid’, ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’ etc.

I find it ironic because I believe a great many Remain voters didn’t know how little of our economy is trade with the EU, how had we voted to Remain the UK would have been further subsumed into the Franco/German run EU protectionist bloc and lost even more control of its country to a bunch of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, and that most of the world trades very successfully with the EU without being a member of it or having a free trade agreement.

In 1975 we voted to join a ‘trading club’. We never gave permission to sign up to a political superstate whose ambition is to become a new country and abolish the nation state status of its members.

John Bickley Via email