I HAVE just been shown the environmental report for HS2 phase 2b and the impact is much worse than anyone thought.

A total of 11.600 jobs are displaced and 1,108 buildings demolished.

Only 2,340 permanent jobs in phases 1 and 2 combined. Just 140 on phase 2a, no jobs detailed for phase 2b.Nineteen ancient woods are destroyed. Eleven more indirectly damaged.

The report states there will be adverse effects on health, wellbeing and mental health. It details 20 construction compounds in the few miles between Wimboldsley near Middlewich and Lostock. Severe environmental impacts for 15 years post construction. Roads diverted including the A556, footpaths closed, 100,000 polluting lorry movements. Creation of 58 million tonnes of landfill – four times the total waste in the whole country annually.

This vandalism cannot be justified.

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