OUR pursuit of economic growth risks our wellbeing and existence.

Oil production for the first time in history is set to hit 100 million barrels a day.

It does not matter how many good thing we do. To prevent climate breakdown means stopping the bad things.

Additional proposed runways at Heathrow and Gatwick are cases in point.

It is now clear HS2 is not in the interest of our wellbeing. It is time Tatton MP Esther McVey spoke out on our behalf and call for a stop to this crazy train now.

As fracking starts again in Lancashire, and CEO of fracking company Cuadrilla Francis Eagan says it is either this or import our gas from Russia, lets bust a few myths.

Theresa May made it quite clear in Prime Mister’s Questions in the House of Commons – We do not get our gas from Russia. Actually it is less than one per cent.

Furthermore if we were to make any impression on imported gas levels it would take the shale gas industry 10 years to develop, and need thousands of wells in the north of England (including hundreds in Cheshire).

It would then have an expected time frame of 60 years, emitting methane to atmosphere in production some 80 times more damaging than CO2 over a twenty year period.

So what this government proposes is ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions for the rest of the century, when we need to be carbon neutral by 2050, and drastically be reducing emissions by 2030, just when the fracking industry is getting started.

We currently export 30 per cent of our conventional produced gas.

Nigel Hennerley Green Party