COMMENTS, reported in the Guardian, by Esther McVey MP, relating to the final bill for HS2 possibly exceeding £100 billion are correct, given the government’s previous records on such matters.

She is also right point out that technology is changing and with it our need to travel may change.

However, we do need to improve rail networks in the north of the country which have fallen behind over the years.

That apart, add the disruption to people’s lives and businesses through compulsory purchase and demolition of properties, the devastation of the countryside, including ancient woodlands and it is clear that the costs outweigh any so called benefits.

Apart from it being an EU project under Jacques Delors TENs, Trans- European Networks, it is a complete waste of money as has been proved in the other countries such as the Netherlands.

This eye-watering amount of money should instead be spent on improving our current services and the NHS, not wasted on political white elephants.

Phil Griffiths Broadcaster and commentator