AS a Cheshire West and Chester councillor I am used to taking stick for a range of local issues from pot holes to empty units in Barons Quay.

And yes, we have raised Council Tax, but this had to be done to pay for the increasing costs of looking after our vulnerable children and elderly residents requiring care packages.

This has to be seen against the backdrop of a reduction between 2010 and 2020 of £330 million from the Government to your Cheshire West and Chester Council.

I will not however let CWAC take the blame for issues raised by two letters in the Guardian.

The first letter blamed CWAC for the loss of the bus service from Northwich to Chester.

CWAC does not run the buses, they are run by private companies.

The good news is that another company has stepped in to take over the 82 bus route at no cost to the ratepayer but readers need to know that ratepayers subsidise private bus companies to nearly £1 million a year to keep some bus routes (mainly rural) rightly running.

The other letter blamed CWAC for traffic congestion in Hartford because it allowed all the new houses to be built.

Wrong. CWAC objected to the houses and permission was given by H M Government.

Like any council, CWAC has its faults but it is not responsible for everything that goes wrong!

Cllr Sam Naylor Northwich