WHEN it comes to rhetoric, Boris Johnson is right up there with the best.

He certainly knows how to use colourful language to make people sit up and listen, though, of course, they don’t all agree with his strident views.

His Theresa May ‘suicide belt’ EU negotiation comments may be said to have blown up in his face and harmed his leadership hopes.

And it is certainly not language or a metaphor I would have used – but I wholeheartedly agree with him about the negotiations.

Our PM has never actually wanted us to leave the EU and despite soundbites to the contrary she and her cronies still don’t want to leave and are doing all they can to thwart the will of the people.

The Chequers proposal is not the right path and as well as not being a good move for the country it could tear apart the Conservative Party, which has always been involved in internal warfare over Brussels.

Our politicians are skilled in double-speak and often have their own agendas but nevertheless for me Boris is standing up for what he believes to be best for an independent Britain and respecting the referendum result, even if that means using shock tactics.

Paul Nuttall North West MEP, UKIP