ON Tuesday hundreds of ordinary people went on a 24-hour hunger strike to call for proportional representation.

This year is the centenary of women winning the vote for the first time, thanks to the suffering and sacrifice of the Suffragettes.

Congleton constituency has been held by the Conservative Party since its formation and so many people have never voted for their MP.

Many constituents vote tactically, an action that destroys the very fabric of our democratic society.

Whichever way your readers voted on Brexit, there’s no doubt that every vote counted in that contest and each person voted for what they wanted.

Last June we had a third successive General Election which produced an indecisive result, with two leading to coalitions, showing that our present electoral system cannot even deliver on its supposed main strength.

It is clearly time for a change to a preferential voting system that values everybody’s vote.

Dr Peter Hirst Middlewich