I WORK for the ambulance service in the Cheshire area and was on duty over the Christmas period.

You might think I am writing to extol the endeavours of myself and my colleagues, however, this is not the case, that is for others to comment on.

The subject of this letter is the staff on duty at Leighton Hospital A&E over the festivities.

It is always tough being away from loved ones at this time of year, but this year has been worse in terms of workload and pressure.

There has been the seasonal health issues and reduced GP cover, but the level of work had increased exponentially.

The staffs’ dedication and patience has been exemplary.

If a lot of the people in the catchment area each put £10 in a kitty for A&E staff on duty over this period it still would not be sufficient.

There is no thank you big enough for these people.

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