I SEE we have another whopper from Paul Nuttall.

Far from being ‘lumbered’ with the burgundy passport, as he claims, EU rules allow member states to have any size, shape or colour passport they choose.

Croatia, for example, elected to keep its old passport.

Britain voluntarily decided to adopt the burgundy one.

One might have expected an MEP to know that.

However, with the unpleasant realities of Brexit becoming ever more apparent, we shouldn’t begrudge Mr Nuttall his little pleasures, even if he wrong.

The whole Brexit campaign was based on fantasies.

We were told that we could remain within the customs union and single market, enjoying the benefits without all the obligations – the Norway arrangement without the free labour movement commitment.

German industry, we were assured, would insist on it. Mrs Merkel thinks otherwise.

We were told that London would maintain its pre-eminent position as Europe’s financial centre.

Mr Nuttall and his ilk should listen to what Dr Martin Reck, managing director of the German Stock Exchange had to say about that.

And what about the promised bonanza for the NHS?

It looks as though, in Boris Johnson’s words, a propos our financial commitments to the European Union, they can whistle for it.

Chris Prior Winsford