THE support by Northwich Town Council for another Weaverham bypass, across greenbelt land, is simply their way of dumping the Winnington bridge problem on Weaverham.

It would inevitably lead to at least 1,000 more houses in Weaverham with no local employment or new infrastructure.

The only logical solution is either a second river crossing, thus allowing a one-way system, or a completely new two-lane swing bridge, plus a bypass round the east and north of Barnton to join the A49.

Of course removing the statutory ‘Navigation’ status from the river would eliminate the need for a swing bridge.

A bypass to the south of Weaverham would do nothing to reduce traffic flow heading north on the A49, which would continue to use Winnington bridge and Barnton to avoid a long detour.

Doug Shingler Weaverham