BOW, the abused injured and neglected dog found tied to a tree at Neumann’s Flash, thank heavens, is now in the safe hands of the RSPCA, as they search for the culprit, and will, when fully recovered, be fostered and adopted.

Hopefully the person who did this to Bow will face the new five-year prison sentence that can be handed down to animal abusers.

Far too many dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other pets are being found abandoned and neglected – thrown away like rubbish when the owner is bored with them or the the animal can’t produce any more puppies/kittens/foals.

The RSPCA and all the many other wonderful animal charities are permanently overwhelmed with these victims.

I have five rescue dogs and must stop at five – but there are thousands at this very moment in rescue centres throughout the land waiting for a new home.

Having a dog is magic, but adopting a rescued one is heartwarming to know you have saved them from a sad situation and they and you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life - comfy bed, good food, lots of love and fun and games.

Nicky Brooks Whatcroft