FOLLOWING recent reports in the Guardian, your readers will be aware that the Barons Quay shopping mausoleum is costing Cheshire West ratepayers nearly £50,000 every week in finance and other charges.

That is every week, and there is no end in sight.

Given this frightful fact, many will have been interested to read in last week’s edition that the first meeting of the new Northwich Regeneration Forum was scheduled to happen on January 16.

For example, they might want to hear some of the CWAC councillors and officials present provide an explanation and, heavens above, an apology, for the total fiasco that the Barons Quay development is turning out to be.

But they would be disappointed if they thought, as mere residents and council tax payers, that they would receive any such courtesy, let alone be allowed an opportunity to offer their opinions or ask questions.

The usual CWAC policy of treating the views of the residents of Northwich with contempt, irrespective of whether Labour or Conservatives are in charge, continues to apply.

Readers will also not be surprised to hear that the public will be excluded from meetings of the forum. Nor indeed will they read about what went on in the Northwich Guardian because the press will also be disallowed.

Residents should not bother asking to see the terms of reference because, according to a couple of CWAC councillors I contacted a few days ago, ‘there ain’t any’.

On the plus side, the high-rollers in the forum are planning to visit Altrincham Market ‘for inspiration’. A lot of good that will do. As my old granny used to say, ‘Oh my giddy aunt’.

Meanwhile, CWAC continues to chuck seven grand of our hard earned taxes down the Barons Quay money pit, every day of the week.

Liam Byrne Little Leigh