I would like to thank the people of Northwich and Winsford for their generosity towards the RNLI during 2017.

Last year the committee raised nearly £15,000 to support the volunteer lifeboat crews and our volunteers have never ceased to be amazed at the generosity of our local townspeople.

During 2016 there were 8,851 lifeboat launches from the 236 lifeboat stations in the UK and Ireland, an average of over 24 launches per day.

In total, nearly 30,000 people were assisted by the RNLI, including 431 lives saved by lifeboats and 127 lives saved by lifeguards.

Although Northwich may be an inland town, we receive many tales from local people of their experiences of being assisted by the lifeboats, making it clear that the services of the RNLI are important to us all.

We therefore say thank you to the people of Northwich and Winsford and to the local supermarkets and businesses who have supported us during 2017.

Graham Humphries RNLI Northwich branch