I was pleased to read in the Guardian that local councillors have agreed to work together for the benefit of the area – but wasn’t that why they were elected?

Party politics should be second to local needs.

Next I read about the ongoing saga of Winnington Bridge.

John Prescott ignored all the warnings that the urban village would bring chaos to the area and, like the councillors at the time, fell for the promises and pleas of Brunner Mond and the developers.

The village was to secure 400 Brunner Mond jobs, provide a doctors’ surgery, school, shops, £2,000,000 towards the infrastructure and support of the Northwich vision, improve the bus service, walkways etc and motorists would be deterred by the road system within the estate.

The reality is no Brunner Mond and less than 100 jobs secured, no surgery, school, shops, bus service and no evidence of any improvement of the local economy.

With no local employment to help residents pay for their homes they have to travel out of the area for work.

More recently Barratt Homes has applied for permission to build 89 more homes with 181 parking spaces (honesty at last as there are usually at least two cars per dwelling).

Where would a new bridge crossing be built as the road is sandwiched between the river and canal?

No additional building should be allowed in the area until a practical solution is found to the traffic problems at the bridge and surrounding roads.

Stop blaming past administrations and work together now to alleviate future problems.

Finally, do we actually need more homes or do we need leisure facilities to encourage people into the area rather than people going out for entertainment and exercise, bowling, skating dance etc?

Former Winnington resident