HAVING retired in 2015 and, wanting to remain active, I decided to become a volunteer at Tatton Farm, Knutsford.

An opportunity arose for me to join the several volunteers and paid staff involved in the ‘Field to Fork’ project.

Dressed in period costume, this gives me the chance to enjoy my two passions, storytelling and working with horses.

I am a Teamsman, other characters include Aunt Mary, Land Agent and Miller.

Just a couple of days a week really makes all the difference to me.

No two days are the same, as I am meeting different families every day.

What we do changes as the season changes at the farm and boredom is never an issue.

I would recommend volunteer work to anyone who is retired but wishes to remain active.

If interested, Tatton Farm is looking for more volunteers and they are holding an open day on Saturday.

See their website or Facebook page for more information.

Dave Thomas Northwich