YOUR correspondent Graham Brinksman made the ludicrous statements that five per cent of those that voted Leave are racists and that anyone who is racist voted Leave.

Quite how he came to make these completely false and unsupported claims is anyone’s guess however it tends to be typical of many Remainers’ maniacal responses to losing a referendum they thought was their right to win.

Mr Brinksman also states that the referendum was never legally binding.

He’s correct, however in political terms once the Government spent £9 million of taxpayers’ money on a Remain propaganda leaflet that made it clear that the Government would implement the decision of the people they had no choice but to do so.

Article 50 has now been passed by Parliament and the UK is leaving the EU. However the Remain-led Government is making a dog’s breakfast of Brexit by taking on the role of supplicant to the EU; it’s embarrassing to witness and it’s not clear they have either the will or negotiating skills to unshackle the UK.

Allan Ralston made a string of unsubstantiated statements all desperately trying to undermine and delegitimise anyone or any entity that supported Leave.

It’s sad when people can’t accept the result of a referendum, especially as these same people would never allow the re-running of the referendum had Remain won.

Contrary to Mr Ralston’s claim that the majority of Brits want to stay in the EU he might like to digest the latest YouGov poll that shows that 48 per cent want to leave versus 39 per cent that want to remain.

John Bickley UKIP Cheshire West Chairman and Immigration Spokesman