BETWEEN Navigation Road and Highfield Road, Castle there is a field, overlooking what is probably the best view in mid Cheshire.

The confluence of the Rivers Weaver and Dane, together with the town and Hayhurst bridges, eastwards to East Cheshire and the Southern Pennines, on a clear day ‘The Cloud’ (a hill) and Jodrell Bank telescope are quite distinct.

This viewpoint was probably of great importance to the garrison when the area was in Roman occupation as at the time the Weaver was tidal and the area vulnerable to attacks by invaders via the Mersey.

Highfield Road has always been poorly maintained. It meets up with Castle Street but nevertheless the former Vale Royal District Council did include it on its Points of Interest Trail. There is still a poorly-maintained plinth with a metal plaque affixed beside a retaining wall.

‘Highfield’ – The Field, owned I believe, by the Canal and River Trust is currently available under auction for sale as ‘development land’.

Previous to this , I am told, that the field had been under covenant, which being over 100 years old, had been allowed to lapse.

Over the past few years, the field, always used as a wonderful playground by local children, has been badly neglected and is covered overall by low bushes.

Now, I would ask, that great consideration be given by both Cheshire West and Chester and Northwich Town Councils as to its development and use. Or, better still, as this town grows and income increases through rates, an offer is made to purchase the land, to hold in perpetuity for the benefit of the town and its inhabitants.

Step forward councillors Dolan and Naylor.

There is more to Castle than Moss Farm.

I think that it could be noted that Colonel Saner who designed the two main town bridges and the Anderton Boat Lift, lived at Highfield House (now demolished) overlooking the field, rivers and Trust workshops and yard.

Denis Cain Greenbank