I AM not one to normally speak out about anything but feel the need to get something off my chest.

I relocated to Northwich in February this year from Widnes and feel proud to say I am now a Northwich resident and love my new home.

There is one thing since moving that I have noticed from where I come from which at first was an annoyance, but gradually has become a real concern to me and my car - potholes.

I am staggered at the state the roads in this town.

I genuinely think that I am causing damage to my car based on the loud thuds when driving into some of these.

Once I know of the bad ones I then ensure I don’t make the same mistake twice and drive around them which I am sure causes panic to oncoming drivers who have no idea why I am swerving towards them.

I realise these can be reported on Cheshire West and Chester Council website which I do, but you can see some of these potholes have previously been treated by looking at the patchwork tarmac around them.

The council needs to try and find the funds to stop doing botched patchwork temporary fixes and resurface the roads fully.

I know we are living in a time of council cuts but then again Northwich has had a recent population boom from the 3,000 plus new homes in Winnington/ Lostock/Rudheath/Davenham to name a few, meaning extra council tax revenue coming in from these.

I had no issues at all with the surface of the roads in my 10 years in Widnes from Halton Council which I would expect to have a tougher budget challenge than CWAC.

Is it the money is not being distributed fairly and perhaps Chester don’t have the same issues with their roads?

Jonathan Evangelidis Northwich