BRAND Events (TM) Ltd has applied for a full premises licence for a four-day event involving the sale of alcohol and live music and dancing on Knutsford’s Heath from 10am until 10.30pm.

I don’t feel that the common land in the middle of our town, with a nature reserve on it and with many residential houses and sheltered retirement flats running alongside it, is the correct venue for such an event.

Tatton Park would be much more suitable, or even Ashley Showground.

No-one in the past has felt the need to turn The Heath into a giant alcohol drinking venue and, given that Knutsford is already wellknown as a place to come drinking on a Friday and Saturday night and has public disorder crime statistics to go with it, why should we make the issue worse?

This is not a family event or a charity event.

There are many enjoyable events throughout the year that take place on The Heath without any alcohol present.

And the idea that the town can cope with 15,000 visitors (if they even appear) is ludicrous.

All the unrestricted side streets will be filled with cars parking for free, just the same as happens during the May Fair.

The local pubs already have to tolerate increased vandalism and disruption during that event, why add to it?

If Cheshire East do, despite the many letters of objection already posted to them this week, grant this permission, then perhaps Tatton Estate Management might like to at least spend some of its profit carrying out the essential crownlifting works to the lime trees around the Little Heath that was applied for over two years ago and never undertaken?

That would be a good way to put something back into the community.

The people of Knutsford are not currently short of new drinking venues to explore.

Sarah Ganczarski Knutsford