AS a Cheshire West and Chester councillor l was hoping for a few crumbs of comfort in the recent Conservative budget in order to help the increasing number of our vulnerable elderly and children who rely on the council to deliver vital services.

At the General Election a clear message was sent to Theresa May that a solution to the growing crisis in both social care and housing had to be found.

Did she get the message?

No, Philip Hammond never said a word about the £1.3 billion needed to cope with looking after our elderly or for that matter the £2 billion desperately needed to sort out children’s care.

A few weeks ago one of her own ministers called for £50 billion for councils to build houses but instead the Chancellor offered just £1 billion spread over five years.

Despite a national council funding gap of £5.8 billion by 2019/20 Mr Hammond did not utter one word on local government funding.

The budget was a real kick in the teeth to cash strapped councils who are fighting a up hill struggle to deliver a decent service.

Councillor Sam Naylor Northwich