CAN someone enlighten us regarding the bus strike?

It is supposed to be about all depots being paid the same.

From what we have heard it is a pay rise they want.

Now we find it is going to carry for at least two to four weeks.

Don’t they care about people getting to work, or does that not bother them?

Care workers need to get to work, so does everyone else.

Are the unions going to compensate all these people they have caused to maybe lose pay or pay out more to get to work?

The way they are treating the public is despicable.

They get a rise, fares go up and the public pay for the rise they get.

How can a strike here have any impact on a bus company in Germany?

They don’t care what happens here.

How did the unions know the strike would last as until the end of November, when they started the strike?Are they trying to ruin Christmas?

P Griffiths Address supplied