THE dispute over double yellow lines behind the market at Winsford has been resolved.

Cheshire West and Chester Council has now agreed to allow limited parking in designated areas with short stay limits.

Your chief reporter Josh Pennington’s story was entirely correct, although no Cheshire West councillors will admit to calling for the extra yellow lines, which will now go ahead.

All of this controversy could have been avoided if the Cheshire West councillors had consulted with the market stall holders and their customers before they started enforcing the parking restrictions.

As Georgina Lockett, the stall holder who runs Georgina’s Incredible Blooms in the market put it : ‘They treat us like mushrooms - keep us in the dark and occasionally feed us bovine manure’.

We shall now wait and see how much longer Cheshire West intend to keep us in the dark as to the fate of the town centre.

A promised meeting before the end of October with senior Cheshire West officials never materialised.

Then a date was set for a meeting on November 30, to be cancelled almost immediately as it was not convenient for Councillor Brian Clarke.

Now a date for early December is proposed.

Meanwhile the refurbished toilets remain closed.

Rumours abound about new owners of the town centre lease and names of potential new retailers are bandied about. Welcome to the mushroom farm.

Malcolm Gaskill Councillor Swanlow ward