ON September 24, the Winsford Guardian’s front page story concerned the recent enforcement of the parking restrictions behind Winsford market.

Your reporter quoted Karen Shore the CWAC councillor responsible for the environment as saying the parking restrictions and further proposed no parking yellow lines were about to be installed ‘at the request of Winsford councillors to ensure the area is kept clear for emergency services and deliveries’.

No Winsford councillors have so far owned up to making this request.

I have personally contacted councillors Beckett and Burns who have stated it was not them who made the request.

Your reporter subsequently checked with CWAC press office who backed up what Ms Karen Shore said.

Despite this, the Winsford councillors are still saying they did not make the request. They cannot both be correct.

In an email to my CWAC councillor, Steve Burns two weeks ago, I requested he find out just who made the request for further parking restrictions. To date Cllr Burns has not replied. Perhaps he might respond through your letters page?

Malcolm Gaskill.

Winsford Town Councillor Swanlow ward