REGARDING the new walkway to Barons Quay.

I visited the street on Monday and was really depressed to see the plain black alleyway. How awful. Not even an arrow (still none, many months after the eventual opening) to show the way to Wildwood.

Not a single coloured poster to warm the sensations.

For many months I’ve lamented the absolute lack of any directional arrows, except... exactly within close sight of the zone which has been so heavily publicised.

Outside the M&S and ASDA ‘complex’ there’s been absolutely nil to assist a stranger.

I saw a folded A-board parked against the wall of the newly ‘cleft’ entry, which seemed to belong to Wildwood.

The view of the cinema from High Street, via the access road to the Market Square traders’ back doors, has never (to my knowledge) had any sign to say ‘Cinema this way and/or Wildwood along here’.

It’s an absolute disgrace. Opportunities have been missed by the bucketful.

Wake up you who are driving this project. You’ve missed the bus. The size of this collection of units merits (nay, demands) a better motorised access and parking system.

Talking of buses, there was once a very decent (adequate) bus station. The space is still vacant. The revised one-way circuit bottlenecks right from the centre of Castle (and Winnington), blocks traffic from the London Road and makes bus driving a hazardous occupation.

On the positive side, the muchcriticised revision of islands and lights at the six-way junction is an excellent job.

Ray Pearson Northwich pensioner