EVERY day I drive my granddaughter to Barnton Primary School using Winnington Lane and cross over the single lane Winnington Turn Bridge to go up Runcorn Road.

Often there are delays over the bridge due to the volume of traffic using it in both directions but whenever there are any roadworks the journey takes considerably longer.

With the new Taylor Wimpey and Morris Homes developments running alongside Winnington Lane there is obviously utility work that needs to take place.

This morning saw the start of a five week period of traffic light controls while roadworks take place.

It took 30 minutes to travel the half-mile past the lights and over the bridge towards Barnton at approx 8.15am-8.45am and a further 20 minutes to return.

I am concerned that the roads here are quite congested on a normal day but with another period of work taking place many families, workers and businesses are being delayed even further.

I am very concerned that this situation is becoming more frequent especially with more families moving to the area.

At certain times today the traffic was stationary in both directions because cars crossing the bridge had to wait for the temporary lights to change before they could move.

It would be virtually impossible for an emergency response vehicle to make its way through the stationary traffic. It is time to build another bridge before someone’s life is endangered.

Alison Wilton Winsford