IN REFERENCE to your article about the gentleman who received a parking ticket when he thought he had parked in a legitimate bay.

Just over two weeks ago, I witnessed a traffic warden placing a ticket on another car in that same bay.

Although it was not my car (I had managed to park in another bay that had just been vacated), I politely asked the warden what the problem was with that bay.

He gave the same reason as quoted in the article, that it had been ‘blacked out’.

I replied that it didn’t seem to have been done very well as the lines were still clearly visible and that I would have made the same mistake as the owner of the car that had just received the ticket.

The warden said that he would ‘feed my comments back’ to his line manager (or something like that).

You will note from the picture that there is an area immediately behind the bay in question that has been marked with a yellow hatched pattern to indicate that parking is not allowed in that area.

If those markings had been extended into the bay in question, then any confusion could have been avoided.

As I recollect, this is not the first time that car park issues in Northwich have been reported in your newspaper over the past year or so.

Firstly there was the confusion as to what was or wasn’t a legitimate bay in the Memorial Hall car park.

Then we had the issue of the market day restriction on the Market car park being enforced even when the market was drawing to a close in the late afternoon and the car park was half empty.

I recognise that traffic wardens have a job to do, even if unpopular at times, but perhaps a little more common sense could be applied at times.

D Nield Lostock