I AM writing in reply to a letter posted last week by Rachel Thompson, regarding the badger cull.

Unfortunately, it would be useless writing to our new Tatton MP, Esther McVey, because during her campaign to secure votes during the General Election she visited our house.

One of the points that my daughter brought up was the intended badger cull which was due to be carried out in Cheshire.

She replied by saying that she believed whole-heartedly that the cull should take place, even though there is indisputable scientific evidence that the situation can be resolved by vaccination which, according to Defra, has been relaunched.

I have also previously written to our former MP, George Osborne, giving him reams of information regarding the ineffectiveness of the cull.

I showed him reports by various people who specialise in the subject, who state that a badger cull would be unfounded.

But, even though the information is scientifically proven, it fell on deaf ears.

I received a letter from him stating that despite all the evidence to the contrary (which he disbelieved) the cull would be going ahead.

Badgers are a part of our countryside.

They have never been demonised as much are they are now.

The powers that be will not be satisfied until they are an endangered species.

Jean Bartley Tatton Cheshire