IS this the latest actions of a weak and ailing Government appealing to lobbyists in an attempt to further prop it up?

For there is little evidence to support culling badgers actually prevents the spread of Bovine TB. Cattle are the true host of bTB and the primary transmission method is cattle to cattle.

The most effective prevention is regular veterinary examinations and vaccinations to cattle and local badgers. It is known to spread via transportation of live stock. Eighty per cent of badgers do not carry bTB.

At a cost of £4,790 per badger culled.

It is expected the full cost to the tax payer to be more than £100 million by 2020.

Therefore much cheaper to vaccinate.

Our wildlife is a thing to be treasured, not hunted for sport or culled in ignorance.

Our declining wildlife should be protected and allowed to live a full life.

Shooting and killing is very 19th century, and I would encourage our MP Ms McVey to support our wildlife and badgers on behalf of Tatton constituents.

Nigel Hennerley Green Party