THERE is trouble brewing at HS2 Ltd.

Were you aware that the current CEO of HS2 Ltd was a former CH2M senior director, as was his predecessor.

Were you aware of how many people were embedded on secondment from CH2M, would 84 surprise you?

In addition to the 84 there are 25 former CH2M staff now on HS2 Ltd payroll. Why is this important?

Well CH2M were awarded a Phase 1 £70m development contract by HS2Ltd - which is currently over budget to the tune of £100m and they were about to be awarded the Development Contract for our Phase 2b from which they withdrew last week.

We surely have to ask the question, with so many CH2M personnel embedded in HS2 Ltd, how can we be sure that the tenders were properly evaluated.

It also brings into question the care with which the Department for Transport carried out due diligence investigations prior to allowing so many CH2M personnel to make decisions as to who should be awarded the contract.

Ewen Simpson Whatcroft