LAST week’s story about the CWAC councillors comparing the case for donating a part of their member’s budgets to assisting the financing of a legal challenge against the TATA waste incinerator or purchasing a defibrillator was very interesting. The truth is that they are both justifiable and to choose between them would be an invidious exercise.

I am not qualified to comment on the detailed case for a defibrillator, but I am absolutely certain that it is a scandal that Cheshire West and Cheshire Council are intent on abandoning Northwich by refusing to join forces with local people and their campaign groups, CHAIN and SID, in using the legal process.

I stress that this criticism is of the council itself, not of individual councillors such as Malcolm Byram and Norman Wright. It cannot be any coincidence that they reside in and represent wards close to the site of the proposed incinerator and know about the fears that residents have about the impact it would have on their lives.

If Cheshire East Council had taken the same attitude as CWAC, the builders would have already started digging the foundations for an incinerator in Middlewich and it is no coincidence that CHAIN wants to use the same QC who was successful in stopping it.

LIAM BYRNE Little Leigh