A DISPUTED parcel of land in Kingsmead is being investigated further to find out which part is owned by the public.

Kingsmead Parish Council is looking into the ownership of land at the boundary of the Anderton Place extra care apartments being built in Sandbach Drive.

This was prompted when developer Wulvern Housing put up a fence earlier this year which took away around 15 or 20 yards of parish land.

The parish council contacted the developer and builders moved the fence backwards but councillors said parish land was left in a mess.

A group of laurel trees, which councillors had bought and planted there 18 months earlier, had also been removed.

Clr Chris Reed said: "There's an area that we believed we owned and Wulvern Housing has always disputed that we owned it in the first place.

"We've checked with the solicitor and it turns out that four people own it, or bits of it."

Jo O'Donoghue, Kingsmead parish clerk, said: "It's part of a bigger area.

"When the land was transferring from Redrow and Taylor Wimpey the parish council took a walk around the estate with the developers and land identified at that time was transferred.

"But Taylor Wimpey, Redrow and a private person all potentially share that bigger area.

"The solicitor wants us to identify which bit the parish council is concerned about then we can identify who exactly is the holder of that bit, everything else is not in question."