A MIRACLE schoolgirl who has overcome death twice in her short life has raised hundreds of pounds for poorly children with a village sale.

Moulton youngster Mary Cooper, who has special needs, decided to hold a charity fair at the Moulton branch of the Royal British Legion in aid of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The 11-year-old was inspired by her favourite ITV1 programme ‘Children’s Hospital’, which was filmed there.

“She was sitting watching it and suddenly said ‘I would like to raise some money for them, I think I will have a cake sale in the drive’,” said proud dad Alan.

“I couldn’t believe a girl of 11 with her own medical problems, and she’s got various medical problems, would come up with an idea like that.”

Thoughtful Mary, who goes to Moulton School, has had her fair share of difficulties since she was born, when she had to have an emergency Christening in case she didn’t make it to St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester.

“She almost died twice – once when she was born and once in 2005 when she had viral pneumonia,” said Alan.

“It’s been 11 years and the doctors still can’t get to the bottom of Mary’s problems.”

It was first thought that Mary had brain damage, but later discovered that results of an MRI scan had been misinterpreted.

Now doctors, including specialists from Manchester, Oswestry, Alder Hey and Leighton, think she could have a problem with her nervous system and the way messages pass between her brain and her body.

She may also be suffering from scoliosis, which is an abnormal curvature of the spine.

Alan said: “She does get fed up.

“She’s supposed to wear a splint and sometimes doesn’t want the splint on because she wants to be like other children.

“But, when you know the problems she’s got ,she’s such a great girl.”

The community rallied to help Mary’s charity fair succeed, with the British Legion, in Main Road, offering the use of the hall for free and villagers organising and manning stalls.

It raised £685 for the hospital.

Alan said: “I thought we may raise a couple of hundred pounds but we raised a couple of hundred just on raffle tickets.

“It was a brilliant day.”