BUILDING site lorries are driving the wrong way down a narrow one-way road and causing a danger in Davenham.

Angry and worried residents from Green Lane packed into the latest Davenham Parish Council meeting to see what could be done about the problem.

One resident said: “The lorries are arriving from 6.45am to 7am.

“Their contract says they’re not supposed to start work until 8am but the way they interpret that is that it doesn’t mean they can’t come on site, just that they can’t start their JCBs until 8am.

“But brickies’ vans are arriving before then – and articulated lorries with trailers.

“For one poor lady today, 2ft over to the left and she would have been dead.”

Another resident said: “Cardboard notices have been put on the lamp posts but they’ve turned round.

“Someone coming up Green Lane the right way stopped when they saw the notices and thought they couldn’t go on.”

The vehicles are travelling to Bloor Homes’ development of 36 homes, called The Meadow, off Green Lane.

Clr Keith Carter, from Davenham Parish Council, said: “This is something effecting the whole village.

“You’re concerned with a little part of the village while others are concerned about Jack Lane – you’ve got to support those concerned about Jack Lane and they’ve got to support you, you’ve got to get together.”

Another resident at the meeting said: “There are 36 houses going up there, if they all have two cars that’s 72 cars, they’ll have children but the schools are full.

“Do they not think of any of these things?

“I’ve lived here for 55 years, I’m a village person and I don’t want any of it.

“The majority of the village don’t want any of it – we want to be a village.

“We are all concerned with the whole lot.”

The council will flag up the issue with police and suggest smaller lorries should be used for the site.