A LEAFLET campaign is being launched in Davenham to save the village from development.

Davenham Parish Council and residents of Jack Lane are sending out separate leaflets in response to a number of planning applications in Davenham, Moulton and Kingsmead.

These include plans for 121 houses at Hill Top Farm, in Kingsmead, and plans for 64 houses in Jack Lane, in Davenham.

Clr Katie Mattinson, from Davenham Parish Council, said Jack Lane residents have formed a group and appointed a planning consultant to help their fight against the estate, proposed by Bellway Homes.

Davenham Parish Council has put together a letter of objection to the Jack Lane plans.

Clr Arthur Wood said: “There’s 64 houses planned and 35 will be four or five bedroom houses – that’s more than 50 per cent and not the sort of pattern that came out the community when we held a housing survey around the village.

“Developers are building this because they’ll make more money out of them, not because of a need in Davenham.

“Moulton’s survey threw up a similar proportion as ours in terms of housing need.”

Clr Mattinson said: “There’s 30 per cent affordable housing in the proposals, which is the statutory requirement – I did ask ‘what about what we actually need?’ “Residents of Jack Lane have formed a group and have a leaflet themselves going out in the next few days.”

Russel Homes are behind plans for Hill Top Farm, in Kingsmead, which both Davenham and Kingsmead parish councils have objected to.

There are also fears about the effect of the proposals on the neighbouring Poors Wood, which has the protected status of Ancient Woodland.

Speaking at the latest Kingsmead Parish Council meeting, Clr Helen Weltman said: “There are concerns over trees at Poors Wood.

“The tree officers at Cheshire West and Chester Council are not happy with it.

“We will ask for it to be called in to the planning committee.

“It’s looks like Poors Wood issue is a major concern.”