A PLANNING inspector’s report allowing 148 new homes to be built in Moulton will be used to create a document for the future.

The community is working on its neighbourhood plan and aims to use the report to help in the process.

Clr Tony Rigby, Moulton Parish Council chairman, said: “We will discuss the Richborough development at the next neighbourhood plan meeting.

“We want to discuss it in a bit more detail and use elements of it as guidance for the neighbourhood plan.

“If we use it as a tool for the plan then we’re unlikely to go wrong.”

Richborough Estates won its appeal for outline planning planning permission for the new estate after its application was originally turned down by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC).

A community-driven neighbourhood plan, which has been approved by CWAC and residents in a referendum, would carry the same weight as a local plan and help to guide future development.

Clr Rigby said: “There is urgency behind a neighbourhood plan now.

“We need to have a plan in place ready to roll as soon as CWAC gets its formal local plan in place.

“Timing is of the essence because without the plan we have absolutely no protection whatsoever against development.”

The neighbourhood plan group will meet on Thursday, January 23, at 7.30pm at Moulton Methodist Chapel.