THE WITTON COLUMN – an update with media assistant, Paul Harper

SATURDAY is ‘Non League Day’, the 10th annual event to showcase non-league football in the UK.

And, for once, Witton Albion have a home fixture to coincide with it.

Non League Day was set up as a social media experiment by James Doe back in 2010, inspired by watching QPR play a pre-season friendly against non-league Tavistock.

That initial idea has grown and grown since then and Non League Day is very much an important day in the football calendar every year.

Scheduled for a Saturday during an international break, so no Premier League or Championship fixtures are played, it is an opportunity for non-league clubs to showcase how great football is in the lower levels of the pyramid.

There are a number of reasons why watching non-league football is so enjoyable, and perhaps a bit of an eye-opener for followers of the likes of Liverpool or Manchester United.

OK, so the football may not be of the same quality as seen in the top flight, but, if you haven’t watched non-league football before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good the standard is.

The game will see 22 honest, determined and hardworking individuals trying to win the match for their team.

There won’t be any feigning injury or diving to try and win a penalty, it’s good, honest players just playing the game in the right spirit.

You’ll be close to the action. No matter where you choose to sit or stand! You’ll be able to see everything up close, the goals, the tackles, the clearances. Just watch out for that ball going out of play!

As you’re so close, you can see and hear everything. From the manager’s instructions, to the encouragement between team mates, to the joy of celebrating a goal.

And you’ll see and hear the passion. The people you’ll see working at the game will be volunteers.

Whether that’s the turnstile operators, stewards, PA announcer, they’re all volunteers who do what they do because they love the game, love their club and want to ensure that others can enjoy that experience too.

Unlike at professional grounds, you can enjoy a pint in the stands while watching the game. After the match, you can go for a drink in the social club and the players will be there, mingling with the supporters.

It isn’t us and them, it’s one community. It’s great. So there’s plenty of great reasons to come to watch a game. If you’re a fan of one of the bigger clubs and looking for a game to take in on Saturday, or you’re simply looking for something to do at the weekend, get down to Wincham Park and come and see what we have to offer.

You’ll be guaranteed a very warm welcome.

Saturday, three o’clock, just as football should be. We look forward to seeing you.