PAUL Dean, Winnington Park’s acting chairman, is confident the appointment of a new coach can help to galvanise the club.

Former first-team captain Matt Farr was unveiled as successor to Roger Pickering, who has accepted an offer from neighbours Northwich, on Wednesday.

“We need a kick-start, and I think we’ve hired somebody who can give us one,” said Dean.

“And judging by their initial response, the players believe as much.”

Farr’s face is a familiar one at Burrows Hill.

He played at centre during three of their four Cheshire RFU Cup final victories in the early 1990s before switching to Orrell where he performed at the game’s highest level.

Now 48, he has coached previously at Crewe & Nantwich – his first club as a junior – and Chester before a break to concentrate on work commitments.

Dave Allcock, a prop that played alongside Farr when Park were a National League outfit, has agreed to become director of rugby.

The duo also represented Cheshire at the same time.

Dean said: “I know these guys; they’re friends of mine and I enjoyed those glory days here with them.

“They want to get involved again, to help end a spell for the first team that’s not been much fun the past couple of years.

“We’ve probably let things slide while focus has been elsewhere at the club, but I’m passionate about changing that and so are they.

“There’s work to do, we know that.

“When Roger told us he planned to leave, we felt pretty low. But not for long, we couldn’t afford to.”

Winnington finished sixth in South Lancs/Cheshire Division Two last term – the lowest level the first team has played at.

They were relegated the previous year.

Allcock and Farr will confirm who they plan to call on for help in the coming weeks.

Dean told the Guardian to expect more figures from the club’s past to play a part as coaches.

He said: “To me, it was important we brought in guys that do have a previous connection to the club.

“Both Matt and Dave have said to me in the past that they would be willing to help if they could, and I’ve held them to it!

“Now they’re on board, we’re feeling more optimistic. Excited too.”

Dave Cross, currently recovering from a fractured ankle sustained in March, continues as captain.

Meanwhile Dean has been proposed as a replacement for Terry Jones, who resigned earlier this year.

Members will be invited to approve his nomination during next month’s annual meeting.