SIX players cleared the table in a single visit during the Northwich and District League’s latest round on Wednesday, including three in the same game.

Liam Jones potted all eight balls for Rudheath as they raced into a 2-0 lead against Castle D in Division One.

However maximums from Steve Moores and Fred Backhouse inspired a comeback by the champions.

Gladstone C are seven points clear at the table’s summit, although they needed Darryl Fallows to win a deciding frame before ending Gladstone B’s challenge.

Antony Dale’s 8-ball break put Castle B in front against Barn Owl E, only for Steve James to match his rival’s feat for the Barnton outfit.

A close encounter was settled only by Adi Faulkner winning a decisive seventh frame.

Greig Wilding was the other player to score a maximum for Barn Owl B during a Division Two date with Gladstone D.

Barry Watkins held his nerve later to seal a 4-3 win for the Barnton side.

Castle C are still six points clear of the rest after brushing aside Witton Chimes A, a result matched by closest-rivals Owley Wood B in a head-to-head with Wheatsheaf.

Greenbank A and Lion A both have the same number of points below them following victories against Owley Wood A and Greenbank C respectively.

Iron Bridge H were the biggest winners in Division Three after whitewashing Moulton Legion.

That victory is a boost to their promotion hopes too after second-placed Iron Bridge A fell to a surprise 6-1 defeat at Greenbank B.

Green Dragon squeezed past their hosts Slow & Easy thanks to Phil Yarwood taking a sixth frame, while table-toppers Broken Cross continued a march to the title by beating Blue Barrel B.


Northwich and District Pool League

Week 12

Division One: Castle B 4-3 Barn Owl E; Gladstone A 5-2 Castle A; Gladstone B 3-4 Gladstone C; Rudheath 2-5 Castle D. No game: Gladstone E.

Division Two: Castle C 5-2 Witton Chimes A; Gladstone D 3-4 Barn Owl B; Greenbank A 4-3 Owley Wood A; Lion A 5-2 Greenbank C; Owley Wood B 5-2 Wheatsheaf.

Division Three: Blue Barrel B 2-5 Broken Cross; Greenbank B 6-1 Iron Bridge A; Iron Bridge H 7-0 Moulton Legion; Slow & Easy 3-4 Green Dragon; Witton Chimes B 3-4 Blue Barrel A.

Additional reporting by Rob Winnington