CASTLE D had to come from behind to record the second victory of a new Northwich and District League season.

They trailed 3-2 at Barn Owl E before wins for Jason Chester and Steve Moores turned around a close contest.

Gladstone C also had to prevail in a deciding frame, which was won by Darryl Fallows, after Gladstone A recovered from 3-1 down to draw level in their meeting.

Gladstone E proved too strong for Gladstone B, while Castle A also celebrated back-to-back wins following a 5-2 success at Rudheath.

Castle C and Witton Chimes A are the only sides able to boast of an unblemished record in Division Two.

Dave Hornby clinched victory for the former against Greenbank C, while Andy Johnson claimed a decisive sixth frame for Chimes at Gladstone D.

Wheatsheaf edged Owley Wood A in a Weaverham derby, while Nick Clarke’s perfectly-timed maximum break secured a narrow victory for Greenbank A against their guests Barn Owl B.

Elsewhere, Lion A won 4-3 at Owley Wood B.

Broken Cross were the most emphatic victors in Division Three, restricting their hosts Witton Chimes B to a single frame.

Greenbank B occupy top spot in the table after seeing off Blue Barrel A, although they had trailed 2-1.

Blue Barrel B squeezed past Green Dragon thanks to Dave Barlow winning a deciding seventh frame, a feat matched by Matthew Fallows for Iron Bridge H against Slow & Easy.

Moulton Legion beat Iron Bridge A.


Northwich and District Pool League

Week Two

Wednesday, September 27

Division One: Barn Owl E 3-4 Castle D; Gladstone A 3-4 Gladstone C; Gladstone B 2-5 Gladstone E; Rudheath 2-5 Castle A. No game: Castle B.

Division Two: Castle C 5-2 Greenbank C; Gladstone D 2-5 Witton Chimes A; Greenbank A 4-3 Barn Owl B; Owley Wood B 3-4 Lion A; Wheatsheaf 4-3 Owley Wood A.

Division Three: Blue Barrel B 4-3 Green Dragon; Greenbank B 5-2 Blue Barrel A; Iron Bridge H 4-3 Slow & Easy; Moulton Legion 4-3 Iron Bridge A; Witton Chimes B 1-6 Broken Cross.


Week Three

Wednesday, October 4

Team Knockout

First Round: Barn Owl B v Rudheath; Barn Owl E v Castle A; Blue Barrel B v Lion A; Broken Cross v Owley Wood A; Castle B v Iron Bridge H; Castle C v Slow & Easy; Gladstone A v Green Dragon; Gladstone C v Moulton Legion; Gladstone D v Greenbank C; Greenbank A v Gladstone B; Greenbank B v Gladstone E; Iron Bridge A v Owley Wood B; Wheatsheaf v Witton Chimes A; Witton Chimes B v Blue Barrel A.

Bye: Castle D.