CHESHIRE kept alive their hopes of progressing to the British Senior County Championship’s last four after beating Potteries & District.

They did it in style too, by 52 chalks on aggregate, after winning both legs.

Meanwhile a success for Staffordshire, against North Lancs & Fylde, means every side in Section Four is tied on two points ahead of a final round of matches next month.

Players from the Mid-Cheshire Bowling Association played a starring role last Sunday, steering Cheshire to a 225-206 success on the road in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

They returned seven winning cards, assuming control after winning four of the first five blocks at Wolstanton High Street Club.

Matt Thurlwell (Comberbach), standing in for clubmate Phil Davies, sent them on their way before captain Dave O’Brien (Castle), Tom Vickers and Danny Nixon – both of Wharton Cons – recorded wins too.

Potteries had to play catch-up, something that proved beyond them as Castle trio Andy Hamman, Rob Winnington and Steve Curbishley also made it to 21.

It will boost confidence, for Cheshire had won only once in the competition since finishing as runners-up to Warwick & Worcester two years ago.

They now conclude a group-stage campaign with a potential winner-takes-all clash with Staffordshire on Sunday, July 2.


British Senior County Championship

Section Four

Sunday, June 4

Potteries & District v Cheshire

At Wolstanton High Street Club

Joe Melvin (Burslem CC) 14-21 Matt Thurlwell (Comberbach)

Gareth Stanway (Alsager) 21-18 Glynn Cookson (Wharton Cons)

Kerry Morris (Birches Head Hotel) 18-21 Dave O'Brien (Castle)

Nick Tideswell (Burslem CC) 15-21 Danny Nixon (Wharton Cons)

Gary Owen (Birches Head Hotel) 16-21 Tom Vickers (Wharton Cons)

Peter Hulse junior (Florence) 21-6 Matty Hamman (Castle)

Mark Norcup (Bucknall Ex) 21-17 Paul Dooley (Castle)

Darren Beardmore (Burslem CC) 18-21 Andy Hamman (Castle)

Martin Simcock (Congleton Railway) 17-21 Rob Winnington (Castle)

Mark Melvin (Burslem CC) 21-19 Joe Illidge (Rudheath)

Neil Wright (Norton Central) 3-21 Steve Curbishley (Castle)

Darren Stanway (Birches Head Hotel) 21-18 Shaun Yearsley (Wharton Cons)

Potteries & District 206-225 Cheshire

At Metro Sports

Cheshire v Potteries & District

Noel Burrows (Sale Excelsior) 13-21 Matt Fellows (Florence)

Danny Barnes (Sale Excelsior) 21-10 Adam Jackson (Florence)

Dave Phillips (Lloyd Hotel) 21-5 Craig Podmore (Florence)

Carl Armitage (Houldsworth WMC) 13-21 Kevin Boon (Congleton Railway)

Lee Fletcher (Lloyd Hotel) 21-10 Chris McDonald (Congleton Railway)

Jamie Bramley (Lloyd Hotel) 15-21 Chris Jenkins (Alsager)

Pete Smith (Lloyd Hotel) 21-19 Paul Dale (Congleton Park)

Tommy Johnstone (Houldsworth WMC) 21-13 Sean Morrey (Queen's Park)

Martin Ogiliev (Sale Excelsior) 12-21 Josh Towey (Burslem CC)

Ryan Sandham (Poynton) 19-21 Joe Williamson (Birches Head Hotel)

Neil Smith (Sale Excelsior) 21-15 Paul Charlesworth (Congleton Park)

Michael McDonnell (Lloyd Hotel) 21-9 Lee Dale (Congleton Park)

Cheshire 219-186 Potteries & District


Cheshire 444-392 Potteries & District