CHESHIRE’S hopes of repeating last year’s run to the British Senior County Championship final have been dashed after another defeat.

They lost heavily again, this time by 73 chalks on aggregate, when they met Yorkshire on Sunday.

It leaves them unable to catch Section Three leaders Wales, their conquerors last month, with one match left.

Cheshire returned only five winning cards at Meadowbank, in Winsford, where they went down by nine shots in a 219-208 reverse.

Wharton Cons duo Thomas Vickers and Glynn Cookson won the first two blocks, and they led by six marks despite losing the next two.

Three of the next four went the hosts’ way, with Cons’ Daniel Nixon and Castle Private duo Matty Hamman and Rob Winnington winning their head-to-heads.

Ahead by 13 chalks with four blocks left, they promptly lost them all.

It was a difficult afternoon too for Cheshire on their travels to Crosland Moor Manor for the away leg, where Dave O’Brien (Castle Private) lost 21-17 to Kieran Smith (Crossgates).

Three visiting bowlers lost to single figures in a crushing 243-181 reverse.

Cheshire will complete their 2016 campaign against Lancashire, who have also lost twice, next month.


British Senior County Championship

Section Three

Sunday, June 5

At Meadowbank

Cheshire 208-219 Yorkshire

Thomas Vickers (Wharton Cons) 21-15 Thomas Hanson (Pudsey)

Glynn Cookson (Wharton Cons) 21-10 Chris Mordue (Pudsey)

Andy Hamman (Castle Pvt) 19-21 James Hanson (Pudsey)

Steve Morrey (Queen’s Park) 12-21 Scott Fisher (Denby Grange)

Jason Cornes (Castle Pvt) 12-21 G I Wilson (Lower Hopton WMC)

Daniel Nixon (Wharton Cons) 21-18 Ian Booth (Lower Hopton WMC)

Matt Hamman (Castle Pvt) 21-13 Liam Griffin (Pudsey)

Robert Winnington (Castle Pvt) 21-16 Nicky White (Thongsbridge)

Matt Thurlwell (Comberbach) 13-21 Phil Dowgill (Clayton Victoria)

Simon Cookson (Wharton Cons) 14-21 Kevin Burns (Ossett Flying Horse)

Steve Curbishley (Castle Pvt) 17-21 Jack Dyson (Netherton Cons)

Shaun Yearsley (Wharton Cons) 16-21 James Davison (Thongsbridge)

At Crosland Moor Manor

Yorkshire 243-181 Cheshire

Craig Newton (Lower Hopton WMC) 21-15 Carl Armitage (Houldsworth WMC)

Harry Seehra (Lower Hopton WMC) 21-7 Ben Phillips (Lloyd Hotel)

Wayne Moseley (Lockwood Cons) 21-15 Lee Fletcher (Lloyd Hotel)

Michael Martin (Canalside) 21-17 Dave O’Brien (Castle Pvt)

Dave Fox (Kirkheaton Cons) 21-15 Noel Burrows (Sale Excelsior)

Simon Walder (Lower Hopton WMC) 21-17 Jamie Bramley (Sale Excelsior)

John Spinks (Pudsey) 20-21 Danny Baines (Sale Excelsior)

Craig Gant (Netherton Cons) 21-7 Jimmy Harrison (St Oswald’s)

James Wilcox (Crossgates) 21-20 Paul Dooley (Poynton Sports)

Ashley Tattersley (Lower Hopton WMC) 20-21 Ryan Sandham (Poynton Sports)

Robert Hitchen (Lower Hopton WMC) 14-21 Michael McDonnell (Lloyd Hotel)

Ashley Daykin (Netherton Cons) 21-5 Lee Johnstone (Houldsworth WMC)

Cheshire 389-462 Yorkshire