COMBERBACH A captured the Whitby Cup on Sunday following a dramatic turnaround in their final encounter with Castle Private A.

Trailing their Premier Division rivals by more than 20 chalks with four blocks left, wins in their head-to-heads for Dave Thurlwell (21-17), Stuart Kellett (21-10) and Dan Moores (21-11) turned a tight contest their way.

Comberbach emerged as victors by a single chalk after both teams had returned six winners.

Castle’s best performers were Dave O’Brien, who restricted Craig Bourbonneux to six marks, Ian Howell (21-10) and Kevin Duncalf (21-11).

There was drama in Rob Winnington’s clash with Jon Gurney, the Castle man roaring back from 18-8 adrift to win.

But it was not enough to prevent their Mid-Cheshire Bowling Association Premier Division rivals from collecting a trophy they had won most recently in 2010.


Mid-Cheshire Bowling Association

Whitby Cup

Final, Hazel Pear, Sunday – Comberbach A (6) 212 Castle Pvt A (4) 211 (Comberbach bowlers’ names first): Matthew Thurlwell 14 Jason Cornes 21; James Gurney 21 Andy Hamman 17; Rob Cawood 21 Matt Hamman 13; Craig Bourbonneux 6 Dave O’Brien 21; Dennis Leather 19 Martin Lloyd 21; John Kellett 11 Kevin Duncalf 21; John Rutter 10 Iain Howell 21; Colin Peters 21 Mike Yearsley 13; Jon Gurney 20 Rob Winnington 21; Dave Thurlwell 21 Adi Faulkner 17; Stuart Kellett 21 Paul Mackie 10; Dan Moores 21 Steve Curbishley 11.